MCA Focus and MCA Lite

What if you arė not able to make a full-time commitment to study, but you’re still interested in learning and deepen your faith and spiritual life. Your passion is to make disciples and to serve your local church in a more significant way.

The MCA offers programs especially developed for people who would like to study on their own pace. The difference between MCA Focus and MCA Lite are:

MCA Focus

Workload: 3 hours a week
Classes: Weekly
Semester: 10 classes
Costs: €50 (1 semester)

MCA Lite

Workload: 3 hours a month
Classes: Monthly
Semester: 10 classes
Costs: €50 (one year)


Spiritual Fitness

It is impossible to train all your muscles in your body with just 1 exercise. Only 1 part of your body would have been strong and the rest would remain untrained.

The same applies to your spiritual life. Praying and reading from the Bible are very good spiritual exercises to train your soul, but they are not the only ones. Spiritual fitness is a kind of gym for your soul. You are inspired by the spirituality of the rich Christian tradition and you learn to do different spiritual exercises that connect with your soul, and bring you deeper into your relationship with God and with other people. 

Bible Study Methods

This class gives a basic process for studying the Bible that is sensitive to the literary structure of the Bible and yet brings the student to the place of personal application where appropriate. Although there will be theoretical concepts explored in relation to how one studies the text, the primary focus will be on actually studying the Bible.

The primary objective is to be able to analyze multiple genres of biblical texts, moving from observation, interpretation, main idea(s), to possible application(s).

Urban Missional Leadership

God has a mission and has called you to join. But how do you start? Actually, it’s not that complicated, because God is doing something in this city. You can already start in your neighborhood and even in your own circle of friends. You just have to discover and recognize it.

At Master’s Commission Amsterdam you will receive ten-part training in which you will learn to discover your own unique way to share the Gospel that is not limited to street evangelism. Discover how you can share your faith with other people in such a natural, casual way without being intrusive.

Survey of the Old Testament

The course provides the student with an overview of the content, flow and unity of the Old Testament. Backgrounds, literary types, literary structure, and an overall theology of the Old Testament will be presented. Emphasis will be placed on God’s progressive revelation of himself and his revelation to mankind.

Survey of the New Testament

We will consider the content, historical background, and theological impact of the 27 books of the New Testament. Selected New Testament passages will be studied in class, using an “observe, interpret, and apply” inductive Bible study method.